We are stopping production as we upgrade some equipment, streamline our operations, and do some housekeeping. We are thrilled to be able to deliver our customers a more exciting, efficient, and engaging experience! We will be back with you shortly on a shipping re-launch date. In the meantime, we are accepting pre-orders.

What is SpinJoy?

Introducing our Coconut Flour Wraps!

These versatile plant-based wraps offer the guilt-free/convenient combo that   we all seek yet so rarely find. 

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What makes our coconut wraps so joyfully good?

Yeast Free




Low Glycemic Index

High in Fiber

No Holds Barred Fresh and Healthy Goodness!

Our Coconut Flour Wraps check all of those boxes
naturally and effortlessly.

There's no reason not to indulge with us and leave the guilt behind...

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