We all hear so many suggestions and are often criticized about how and what  we should eat. We've all listened to the experts, we've all felt the shame, we've all thought about giving up. It's exhausting! As much information as there is at our fingertips, proclaimed health experts seldom bridge the gap between what we know and how the heck we put it to use!


Enter SpinJoy! - a spin off daughter brand of Joycelyn's Southern Kitchen (see: jskcatering.com). SpinJoy! was created out of demand for a space that is 100% dedicated to plant-based foods, education, non-judgment and accessibility.  We are here to take the guesswork out of living a modern, plant-based (or plant-curious) life. Additionally, we see absolutely NO reason or evidence as to why having super nutritious, benefits packed eating habits shouldn't be absolutely enjoyable, absolutely exciting, and absolutely obtainable! We don't believe in sacrificing flavor or mouth feel. We believe you can truly have it all - a guilt-free, indulgent, practical, and plant-based meal Every. Single. Time!