SpinJoy! highlights the reality that there IS a successful intersection between nutritional density, indulgence, and convenience within modern plant-based lifestyle We create accessible convenience food products that prove it!

Young busy modern professionals crave a well-balanced, wellness-centered lifestyle. Many of them are already doing yoga, drinking smoothies, and meditating daily in addition to making all their meetings and deadlines on time. However - despite consistent efforts - lack of time, lack of cooking expertise and lack of access to suitable convenience products have them eating out more than they’d like and faltering on their diet plans.

We create chef-driven, nutritionally dense, plant-based convenience products that are affordable and accessible. Our flagship Coconut Flour Wraps provide a satisfyingly versatile alternative to pita and tortillas that is low simple carbs, keto-friendly and yeast-free.

Coconut Flour Wraps

Our signature wraps are the perfect addition to any diet. Their diverse and delicious nature pairs well with veggies, sauces, and even meats (for you plant-based part-timers).

You can use these wraps to replace pitas and tortillas without worrying about wheat flour, GMO corn, or other unsavory ingredients. Enjoy your breakfast, lunch, and dinner guilt-free.

Our Founder

SpinJoy’s! Founder, Joycelyn Bryant, graduated with a degree in Molecular Biology and Microbiology in 2014. A year prior, she founded the Joycelyn Southern Kitchen to offer delicious foods to her peers.

As her experience evolves, she noticed that there’s a need for great food for millennials that are on the path to health and wellness. Thus, she found SpinJoy! as the answer to that need.

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